A woman in the village was known for speaking her truth. She knew others didn’t always like what she had to say, yet she would say it anyway. One day, she upset the king, so he banished her. She was never to see another human again, feel physical love, and was to be imprisoned alone in a dark and scary dungeon ’til her death.

message in the food

She was allowed one meal each day of bland processed food, colored tan. And, she was not allowed to speak, even to herself aloud. She must remain still and solitary, reflecting on all she had hurt with her words.

One night, in the middle of the night, she woke from a dream. Her grandmother visited her and reminded her of her family’s gifts — generosity, compassion, and love. This reminder caused the woman to remain awake until sunrise in contemplation. Her grandmother’s visit spiraled her into reflection on her own life, what her family had taught her, and the lessons she learned from her mistakes, which lead her to her fate.

That morning, she decided to fast, leaving the food visibly in sight for the one who left it for her. In the food, she would write symbolic messages, like a heart or smiley face. The man who left her the food grew to look forward to these messages, while also becoming somewhat concerned with her not eating. He mentioned this to the king, who instructed to let her die. Yet, the man continued to bring her food.

Beginning to experience a few days of weakness, the woman could no longer write in the food. Her arms and body were tired. The man believed she was dying and began to lose hope. Yet, the woman, although exhausted, was finding new strength inside her. She slept for three days. In her sleep, she dreamt of angels, her divine family, God, and all those on Earth who helped her. She asked for their help, once again, so she could gather strength to write the messages.

When she finally woke, it was too late. She was surrounded by three men who thought she was dead and were taking her body to be buried. One of the men was the one giving her the food. While thinking she was dead because no one could possibly live for so many days without food, he found it odd how beautiful and youthful she looked. Something in him was curious.

Still too weak, although alive, the woman could not move and was carried by the men to the field to be buried. She would be laid to rest above ground for three days and then put into the earth.

It was very warm on the first day. The sun was hot, filling her body with nutrients that it hadn’t had in the dungeon. She lay there soaking the rays in. On the second day, there was an unusual winter storm with intense rail, hail, even some snow, and a blistering cold. The water rushed over her, in and through her. It awoke some of her senses that were dormant in the cave.

On the morning of the third day, the man who fed her returned to where the woman was lying for dead, certain that the intense sun and bitter cold would have destroyed her body. To his surprise, when he arrived at the spot they left her, she was gone. In her place were daisies growing in the sunshine of the day. The man was perplexed and ran to get the other two men meant to bury her.

When they came back, the woman was sitting in the daisies with three sunflowers in her hand. She offered one to each of them as an act of gratitude for releasing her from the cave. The men were so confused, yet took the sunflowers, captivated by her radiant glow and the wonderment of her being alive. Immediately, they felt an intense love holding the flower. It was as if the love of the woman’s ancestors, divine team, and of the entire world was coming through to them in the flowers.

One man, so full of love, left and gave it to his grandmother who was pained by disease. Immediately, she found comfort, which gave peace to his entire family. The second man gave the sunflower to his wife. She had struggled mentally and emotionally not being able to have children. Instantly holding the flower brought her so much joy. They embraced with a speechless love that had been missing for years.

The third man, the one who fed her, held the flower in puzzlement. He had seen the unthinkable: a horrid woman who seemed to have died and come back to life as a force for Love. He couldn’t wrap his brain around it. While he believed in magic and somewhat in the divine, all his time with the king and feeding criminals, hardened his heart into darkness.

The sunflower, while very powerful with the others, was not with him. Even still, he decided to sit down in the daisies with the woman. With no words spoken, as he looked into her eyes, he realized they were One in the same…one with each other, the sun, the moon, Earth, humanity, and the divine.

Coming to this realization of Oneness, they walked hand and hand down to the village to share their new knowledge. Word traveled from town to city around the world about the connectedness of all. The king was praised for the couple being part of his village and exonerated the woman to live freely.

Just like the magical power within the sunflowers, Love grows stronger and spreads once shared. Love that exists in one person grows stronger with two like a twin flame uniting us all in One Love.